Always run like there is a hot guy in front of you and a ghost behind you.

Headline says it all.. This is about fitness and for me fitness is ZUMBA.


ZUMBA is an aerobic fitness programme with moves from Latin American dance. I joined Zumba for an active lifestyle and yes, off-course to lose weight as well. And miracle did happen!

I went for Zumba class, moderately confused and completely self conscious. All the thoughts crawling in my head… Will I be able to do it? Will I lose weight? Would I be walking out of this class 5 kgs less?


My trainer started with some light exercises for warm up and all of us following him. Soon enough we all were doing exercises at fast pace and sweating bullets. That is when I realised that I was actually enjoying it much more than I expected. Music was also so catchy and everyone around me dancing with quick steps whilst having fun. How can anything go bad, right?

I was so excited to see changes in my body. I began to feel healthy and fit as days passed by, and my addiction for my Zumba class was like a drug. 

0344911abcc8d2028ed95360b7cffaddWhat is there to love about Zumba? It is not at all boring. I love the fact that it is a combination of sexy dance moves and exercises. And music indeed pumps you up. I have been to gym as well, and running on treadmill makes you sweat, but for me it gets very boring. I am a very hyperactive person and something of fast pace burns my energy.

Secondly, with Zumba you are constantly moving. I just look at myself in the mirror in front of me in my studio and nailing all the moves. All Zumba moves cover every muscle group.

I’m sure everyone wants to know when you start seeing the results. I could see my weight loss in the first week only. And standing on the weighing scale, and seeing numbers dropping is the best feeling in this world. I lost 1 kg a week and was so happy that finally something is working.

Diet also contributes in weight loss along with Zumba. It does not mean that you can hog on whatever comes your way, if you are working out. You need to control your diet as well.  It becomes much easier to keep up with the good diet once you realize that you are losing kgs.

So, in the end I would say that Zumba helped me a lot in weight loss and makes me feel relaxed. I am thrilled to share my experience and to motivate you people. I would definitely recommend Zumba!


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