5 Reasons to why wearing Sunglasses can alter your perceptions of the world

“She was congenial, & the debate was engaging. So what made me feel so vexatious? Suddenly it strikes me – There is no eye contact! Hidden behind the brown Prada sunnies, she was depriving me of visual feedback and her expression.

Was she looking at me? Was her smile bona fide?  Was that a look of confusion? Was she truly into the discussion? I could only guess  from the body language.”

This is how my friend felt And then he tells me, he was talking about ME.. 😛


Part eye safety, part fashion statement, part guise : our shades simultaneously say we’re tranquil, mysterious, anonymous & intimidating.

I believe my sunglasses say: “Hey, I’m confident, I have nice sunnies. I look great (and I can see without squinting around sun).” I don’t feel I’m hiding behind my sunglasses; I’m using them to portray the real me – and look sharp, of course.

Though I have some pretty compelling funny but true reasons to why wearing sunglasses are de rigueur to lead a better life :

1. An Enigma : My sunglasses are my real life black identity protector. Once my branded babies block my eyes from the general populace, I’m a walking mystery. The effect is amplified when I’m dressed completely black (Which is, most of the times).

2. Escape Plan : With sunglasses on, none can spot your eyes – duh, that’s a given. Let’s advantage from this. Pretty woman walking down the street, Oh not the song! But yeah down that lane, you spotted a human who irritates the ever-living shit out of you? Slip on your sunnies and pretend you didn’t see them.

3. Way happening : The aforementioned air of mystery? It only adds to your coolness factor.

4. Yeah my forty winks : 6am, and not sure why I’m awake(Everyday Story). But without any worry, my sunnies have me covered. So if it’s your story too, then need not worry, during your morning commute, slip on your shades and catnap peacefully in transit.

5. Having a Look See : Abstaining from the eye contact with humanness is a requisite mainly in public area. How then, pray tell, are you supposed to gawk at all of the hot men or women? Sunglasses, buddy, sunglasses. God, ain’t you self-centered? No I’m (not) kidding!

So, the more I like my sunglasses to be classic, versus trendy, I care about shape and brand. I’m not trying to make a statement with my sunglasses. As for me, I don’t have a signature pair per se.

**Last Advice : For everyone who do not suffer from photophobia, high time to take off your shades inside.  It’s not only polite; it’s good for your eyes.


5 thoughts on “5 Reasons to why wearing Sunglasses can alter your perceptions of the world

  1. Though sun glasses also would create a psychology of separation and thus carry our behavior even subconscious to individualism excesss or separation from opportunities relationships and potential. Also it signifies not just enigma but insecurity, where, you may not need them but are still wearing em.

    Also someone that has beautiful eyes and face does well without sunglasses at least when it’s not sunny. Sure in that period those transparent clear glasses that look cool work great.

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  2. Ha ha, I had not thought of so many reasons! Even indoors you can make fashion statement by wearing sunglasses on your head just like hairbands. And yes, I had also never realized the cons such as appearing to be distant to the friends by avoiding eye contact.
    Nice read. Thanks for sharing.

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