My Winter Weekend Hibernation

When Delhi winter hits, it gets tough for me, I assume it is same for you as well!

The inimitable hatred I have for winters can only be defended with the love for crashing more than usual sleep hours.

On the lettered side, Bears can hibernate for half a year, and so can queen bees; alligators too – even snails hibernate for months.

And while we on the job populace don’t really get a choice in the matter, we can still enjoy privately throughout winter with the proper weekend hibernation plan( :p ) & here’s my checklist with everything I did/do to thrive and enjoy my cozy weekend.

1 Soups & A Big Pot :


Warm your body and soothe your spirit with a steaming bowl of soup. Soup is one of the easiest and healthiest comfort foods around. And it is easily available in the market with all the different brands coming in. So grab your choice with stock pot and get ladling.

2 Cozy Blankets & Quilt :


Give winter the aloofness and get ready for the chilly season with cosy bedding essentials like a woollen quilt or soft-touch blanket.

A well-made wool blanket will get you through many winters.

3 Extra Thick Socks :


There’s something really stupefying about looking at the weather outside when you’re in your bedroom wearing super comfortable, thick wool socks.

4 Binge-Watching Subscriptions :


There’s no better time than winter to checkout of reality and catch up on all the shows you read about on social media the rest of the year: Netflix, Popcorn time, HBO and all the rest belong in your weekend hibernation squad.

5 Wine :


Do you need any explanation? But my question is, what if everybody’s over at your place, a surprise winter hailstorm hits and you have nothing to toast to? Best to have a cellar’s worth of wine on hand to keep you and your friends warm & toasty.

6 Books, books & books :


Leave those mass-market cheesy reads at the beach – winter is in for good, thoughtful, cerebral reading. And being a bookworm I got my Book Rack all updated!

7 Lots Of Candles :


Every so often, during winters, all you need to feel warm, is with a nice layout of candles. Moreover, if you catch hold of summery scented ones, which smells like roses or geraniums, you can always impersonate being on the beach getting warmer. 

8 Treat Yourself To New PJs :


Getting on your feet on a cold bedroom floor is a little easier to take in if your pyjamas have kept your body warm and cushy. The cooler clime is a perfect time to treat yourself to a new pair of PJs.

9 A substantial stock of Nutella :


Duh, because it’s Nutella!


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